Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Makes Me Laugh #3

On occasion I see something that makes me laugh out loud or even question what I'm seeing to the point I think, I just have to share this with someone! 

This past summer we took a day trip over to Antwerp to visit the zoo (there will definitely be a post about this).  On the drive through town we passed this restaurant (please excuse the poor pic we were driving through traffic).

At a glance I thought, wow, cool looking Asian restaurant maybe we should have tried it out instead of the steakhouse.  Then I looked closer at the sign.  Burger's?  Not really sure who came up with their advertising campaign or logo, but everything about that font and even name says Asian restaurant to me.  Am I crazy or at a glance would have thought it was a burger restaurant?
(It's apparently quite a large chain, Tonton Chami)


  1. Especially since TonTon is SO close to Wonton! ;) I'd of thought Asian, too!

  2. Hhahaha not asian, it's Halal Food, created by moroccan people. It's very delicious, I live in brussels so ...