Friday, May 23, 2014


A few months ago I was trying to get myself motivated to jog (even wrote a post about it).  Seems like everyone around me these days jog, even old friends back in The States.  I figure if they (other mothers) can squeeze it into their schedules, so can I.  Well, it takes more than just time, it takes a lot of will too.  And somehow since I wrote the post back in March I haven't really kept it up like I had intended.  And since then I have even put on a couple extra pounds, oops.

It's time to get back to it, so today I started the process again.  But this time with extra help!  First off I downloaded a podcast that helps me build up to a 5km run.  This is great, it tells me when to jog & when to walk, and in between provides music.  This is better than just winging it and jogging based on how I feel instead of an actual rhythm.  Maybe if I was a seasoned jogger it would all be more natural, but I'm not there yet.  Besides the lovely guide encouraging me through the iPhone attached to my arm, there is the company.  This time instead of just me & my dog, a friend & her dog also joined.  Joined, well, I should say I joined her, because she's been jogging for a couple weeks now (hope I didn't slow her down).  O.k., now there was a guide & company, both added benefits... what else?

To help monitor my progress, and provide a fun visual of my progress I downloaded the app, Endomondo.  It's great, it gives you updates of your progress along the way, tracks you via GPS so you can see your route, and at the end gives a great overview of your accomplishment.  Since I love gadgets (and stats) this app is perfect and will hopefully motivate me even more.  Plus I can see if there has been improvement, or even just see the last time I jogged hoping to make more of a schedule (or shame myself into going more often, ha-ha).

Our results weren't bad, considering the last 10 minutes was just strolling back to the car, because the podcast was only 25 minutes!!!

Any of you use podcasts or apps to keep your fitness on track?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica

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