Monday, October 13, 2014

Polyvore - Outfits #2

Last time I mentioned Polyvore I focused on one particular member and the great outfit combos she pumps out, but this time I just want to focus on Fall.  And outfits that I can actually recreate thanks to similar items in my closet... and a couple pieces that I would like to see in my closet.

The 1st Fall outfit is centered around the wrap/poncho.  I absolutely love the grey poncho!!!  I have one at home with a mix of pinks, blues, & beiges but a solid color seems to be easier to dress up and down. I also like how she has mixed the grey and brown, never thought of doing this.  If you want to see more of her ideas you can find her via this link.

The 2nd Fall outfit is simple, and can be worn everywhere.  It looks so easy, just wrap up in a warm cardigan, slip on some ballerina flats, toss on a scarf to tie it all together and you're gone.  I could see myself wearing this many places.  And what's even better, it can all be found at H&M.  More of her outfit combos can be found here.

The 3rd Fall outfit I like only for the awesome print and color combos of the cardigan.  The boots aren't my style, I prefer ankle boots.  But the cardigan, wow!  I might actually have to find something similar and add it to my closet.  A friend of mine has one in wool, which isn't my favorite fabric but there is hope of finding one here in The Netherlands.  For more of her outfit combos look here.

The 4th Fall outfit isn't from Polyvore but it still caught my eye.  (Found all of these outfits through Pinterest, btw.)  This outfit is nearly straight out of my closet, and I was happy to see this combo.  Makes me think I am occasionally on the right track!  But I must admit, I'm not into backpack purses, even though it looks convenient.  For more follow this link.

Now with these outfits in mind, I'm ready for the cooler weather and an excuse to wrap up in cozy thick cardigans!  Do you have any outfits you're excited to get back in to this Fall?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. These all look so warm and comfy...and chic at the same time! Love the gray poncho and those tall brown boots! Great finds!

  2. I like how easy feeling they are while being stylish. I am going to have to check her out.

  3. I love them all! Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday.

  4. I would love to buy the grey poncho but how do I find the link to purchase one?

  5. I'd like to know where to buy the basic long sleeve tee. So simple to dress up or down. Any ideas where to buy one?

  6. I love the scarf. Where did you get it. I have almost the exact outfit minus the scarf. I need to be a particular shade of green so it doesn't clash with the jacket

  7. The link for the last outfit will not open, I'm in love with all pieces of this green being my favorite color make me happy. If you could guide me to where I can find them I would appreciate it so much!! Thanks, Terri 💚

  8. I love them all, you have excellent taste.Im 66 but not ready to wear mom jeans and a t shirt with a cat on it! Great incentive.Thank you Danica, keep em coming.

  9. Original post is from 2014