Book Reviews that I am an amateur author (so amateur I don't dare submit my work anywhere, ha-ha!), I have decided to help other authors spread the word about their books.  Knowing how much time, effort, & creativeness goes into writing a book, I feel that these books should be given a chance in a huge market.  I will mostly be promoting books tours from Fire & Ice (the formatting will be obvious) but I will also occasionally read a book and place my personal review whether it be for Fire & Ice or just because I enjoy the author/book.  For those avid readers out there I hope you look for these books the next time your skimming the book shelves or an online store.

I originally wanted to add the book tours & reviews to this blog, but when I realized just how much content it was going to produce and how different this is from my general randomness, I decided to create an additional blog. 

Give the books the attention they truly deserve.

(I will not be adding content to "Danica's Book Corner" daily and I will give you a head's up about new posts via Danica's Thoughts.)

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