Monday, September 24, 2012

3-Day B-Day

Our daughter recently turned three and we celebrated with 3 days worth of parties.  No, there wasn't a party for each year she's been alive, it just turned out that way.  I didn't see it coming, in years passed it all seemed so simple.  There's always the big party, which we've done every year with our closest friends & family (that live nearby), I was expecting this one.  But since so many of our friends are golfers and this time of year there is guaranteed a competition on Saturday we had to move the party to Sunday if we wanted anyone to join in the fun.  This made it complicated, because it left her actual birthday wide open.  Not wanting to let the important day go by unnoticed we invited the immediate family over for cake and presents.  The immediate family is quite large, plus my mom & step-dad were here, so it turned into a full blown party quite quickly.  Especially when my husband decided to invite everyone to stay on for dinner.  This left me and my mom packing gift bags for the large b-day party late at night after a long day! 
Not even recuperated or cleaned up (the house & gifts, I mean) from the family party we went full swing in the large party at a nearby pancake house.  Even though the restaurant does most of the work, it's still a big event with 20-30 adults & kids going all different directions.  The weather was perfect & the moods were good, it was a success!  We're through Saturday & Sunday, and now on to Monday.  Since my daughter now attends preschool the Dutch expect you to help and join in the party at school (which is nice).  So Monday while she was at school my mom & I filled up snack bags and prepared goodie bags for the kids.  At 11AM there we stood ready for a 3rd party.  By the end of it all I was exhausted, and my parents too.  They aren't used to so many giggly playful kids, especially for days on end. 
Here it is a week later and I can't say I've actually tackled the left over mess.  Since my parents were here on vacation I didn't have the time to reorganize all of the toys (the old ones get packed up and the new ones find a place on a shelf).  As I write this I see there are still streamers and balloons hanging from the living room ceiling and presents & remaining goodie bags still boxed up in the corner.  I guess we all know what I'll be doing when I close off this post.  Despite the work, it was a great birthday weekend for our toddler (and for all our friends & family)! 


  1. What a fun weekend...a birthday your daughter won't forget :)