Monday, September 10, 2012

Old Drawings #1

Back in March I promised I would give you all a glimpse of what I used to be able to draw when I was a teen.  I keep coming across great blogs about arts & crafts or peoples talents, so I thought I'd display some of mine.  To be honest I haven't drawn in a long time.  There was something about my mental state as a high-schooler that allowed me to flow creatively through all forms of art.  Nowadays I mostly stick to writing, I only have so much free time and I'd rather write than drag out my storage box full of art supplies.

I promise, I wasn't morbid, we just had requirements and one of which was to draw a skeleton, and here's the hand I managed to pump out (please ignore the bad scan) :
I tended to do my best work when I had an example, and this one was from a magazine article.  It was a woman wearing a kimono bending over, I just focused on the face.  (When you turn it the other direction you can see the proportions are a bit off, hey, I was 17 and not planning on becoming an art major) :

There will be more of these to come... only so many fit on the scanner, but those that do I'll be sure to let you see in the future.  Anyone else out there seemed to have lost a talent over time?  Or just let one disappear?


  1. Great drawings! You are talented :)

  2. wow!! you definitely have a talent. your drawings are should start again!!

  3. Thanks! For now I'll stick to writing, |I don't want to spread myself too thin. :) Danica