Thursday, January 23, 2014

School Library

I'm a librarian, sort of!
My daughters elementary has just set up their first in-house library.  It's not really comparable to school libraries in The States though.  It's literally in the middle of the foyer with a total of maybe 10 racks that aren't even full yet, but it's a start!

Of course, a friend (another SAHM) & I jumped at the chance to volunteer.  Unfortunately we missed the demo and have very little understanding of how the library works, but we did our best this week to help out.  As of yet it's simple, return the books from the drop-off bin to the shelves & dust.  Since the order of the books isn't exactly clear, we did our best to find a suitable shelf (another mom said she spent an hour trying to figure it out).  Hopefully with time they'll get a better system (guess they never heard of properly labeling the books & shelves, or even the Dewey Decimal System, but whatever).  Needless to say, we put our SAHM cleaning skills to work, and dusted like crazy, ha-ha!

Never realized I was interested in being a librarian until the semi-opportunity arose.  But it makes sense, I love books, writing, sorting, & organizing. 

Who knows maybe the library will grow or maybe the one at her next school will be bigger... I can see it now, me pushing the trolley full of books around and finding their homes on the proper shelves.  Or possibly introducing a child to the book that changes their life.  I remember almost all of the libraries I ever visited, the best having to be the Trinity College Library in Dublin.  But the old public library where I grew up had a great view of a lake, also a nice aspect. 

Any of ever worked at a library?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. Awesome! Every school should have a library. In fact when I was a kid the public library in our small town was located in our school. How awesome is that?

    1. Definitely agree with libraries in schools, especially since the book market is turning so digital!
      :) Danica