Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finding Balance

Where have I been you ask?  (Or maybe not, ha-ha!)  Well, I allowed myself to get so ridiculously focused on my daily schedule that I turned into a human robot.  It happens!

Finding balance in life is so important and yet so hard.  We can't do it all at one time.

You know there are the things you have to do to survive... there are things you have to do to be a good wife & parent... there are things you have to do to run a house... plus juggling school & sports... there are meals to be made & bags to be packed... bills to be paid & plans to be made... there are hobbies & down time... I could go on and on.

But how do you juggle everything and still have an ounce of spontaneity & freedom left? 

That's where balance comes into play.

I think it will be a life long commitment, just like health.  There are no quick or easy answers.  It's just doing what's right for you & yours.

Thanks to a holiday refresher, and of course my husband pointing out the side road of life I had decided to veer down, I'm trying to get back on track.  Trying to find a way to balance the needs, wants, & of course fun in life.  I hope to get back to blogging, writing, & photography.  But first things first, I hope to get my personality back!  For the sake of my husband & daughter, and family & friends! 

So here's another step down the road of life, a step towards balance, my first blog post of 2015!  (Nothing like the pressure of the first post of the year, ha-ha!)

Hope all is well in your corner of the world and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. I just did the same thing...kind of disappeared into the house, like wallpaper. SO busy!

    Welcome back to the world. ;)

  2. There are some times in life when you have to get your priorities right, and for the past few weeks, blogging wasn't one of of them, but that's life, right? Welcome back , I missed you and let's hope 2015 will bring many blog posts :-)

  3. Thanks so much for the comments ladies, nice to know there are still people out there reading my blog!
    :) Danica