Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gift Certificate

Since I live far from my family, my Dad & I often send each other gift certificates for the holidays.  Many years for my birthday I get an gift certificate and I use it to buy shoes.  I can usually get Crocs or Converse cheaper in the UK than here in NL.  Here it is September and I've been holding on to my gift certificate for a couple months now.  At first I was too busy to sit down and find the time to search the hundreds of shoe options, but now that I have a bit more time I just can't decide which shoes I want. 
Do I replace shoes I already have?  I mean literally buy the same style and color because I love them and I'm wearing my current shoes out.  Do I buy something completely different?  Do I buy out of need, because my winter boots are too old?  Do I buy out of want, there are shoes that aren't practical but I like them?  What do you all think of the shoes I am considering?  (Keep in mind I am not fashion forward and I walk everywhere, so comfort is the key!)


  1. Love today's :) (great minds think alike!)
    I love those brown boots on the top right.
    If I'm spending my money I buy practical and replace old shoes. But since it's birthday money...but a cute impractical pair :)

  2. That's always my conundrum, too. I'd go with tried and true because I'm a capricorn and that's how we roll;)

  3. I was close to getting the brown boots, but my husband didn't like them. So I bought the grey ones... and pink Converse All Stars! :) Danica

  4. I love both of boots and I wear converse (laceless) pretty regularly :)