Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Het Zandkasteel

This weekend we scored a lot of awesome parents points, we took our tot to the theater to watch one of her favorite tv shows live!!!  Our tot loves one of the educational Dutch tv shows called Het Zandkasteel, and when she saw on You Tube you could see them live we went in search of tickets.

For any of you that have been to kids shows you basically know what to expect from the kids.  A lot of excitement days leading up to the show, sheer pleasure the first 30 minutes, then antsiness, & after all is said and done endlessly looking at photos!  Luckily our tot loved the show, she did every silly thing they asked & even met them afterwards.  Now my husband he enjoyed watching our tots excitement at first but then quickly realized he was actually going to be expected to watch  the show for the next hour.  I don't think he would have survived without his iPhone for entertainment.

As for me, I often hear the show in the background and happily sang along.  Plus having front row seats made it twice as nice.  In the future I think just the moms will take the kids to the theater, ha-ha!

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