Saturday, January 25, 2014


What a day, I guess do to distractions and rushing I managed to make two unusual messes today... I just love wasting my own time!

The first was the dog food mess in our storage room.  When I finally opened our delivery of dog food, I was in a hurry expecting our niece for the night so I wanted to get it out of the way asap.  Assuming (yeah, we all know what that does) that the thick sturdy 33lb (15kg) bag of dog food could handle anything, I tossed it into the corner of the storage room.  What happened... the side burst open of course and food started pouring everywhere.  Always fun to clean up when you're expecting someone at the front door in the next 5 minutes.  As you can see in the pic, I taped up the side of the bag, then ended up scooping up the food with a dust pan and pouring it into the old bag.  Argh!

Then there was the marble cake I promised the kids.  It was doomed from the start.  I had never made one before and to be honest I probably should have read the instructions completely before starting.  As I mixed the batter we all ended up covered in white chunks, including the kitchen.  Even then I could tell something wasn't right with the mix.  Then as I went further, all the while having to stop and deal with the kids I noticed I had completely messed up a step, and to be honest it didn't really mention needing milk but I'm positive box cake batter needs milk (or at least water).  I was just about to put it in the oven when I realized it was time to cook dinner.  This meant the cake would have to bake while we ate, and cross our fingers it would be done before the kids went to bed.  At one point when I checked on it, I saw the batter had spewed out of the cake form and all over the baking paper.  It was a mess but I thought still salvageable.  After dinner we realized there was no way it would be ready in time.  After finally taking it out, I pricked it to see if it was done or not... it deflated, never a good sign.  I tried to get it out of the cake form to cool it, but it just crumbled everywhere.  By this point the kids were in bed, and I had to break the bad news this morning, there would be no cake.  I had to take a pic to prove it to them, looks delicious huh?  Argh!

Any of you have off days?  I mean, c'mon, I messed up a box cake mix!
Oh yeah, sorry for the blurry pics but ever since the last iPhone update I have barely been able to take focused pics, love the new update, argh!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica

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