Monday, March 10, 2014

Reformed Smoker

I used to smoke cigarettes... it's been 10 yrs this month since I stopped.  It was one of those things I wanted to try but knew I would hate.  Yeah, that didn't work so well considering I smoked for 8 yrs!

The summer before I started high school I tried cigarettes & beer.  Little did I know at 14yrs old that it was the beginning of a wild ride!

I was one of the "rebellious" kids in high school, maybe I was breaking away from my nerd image, maybe it was the freedom of getting away from conformed religion, maybe it was other stuff I'd rather not mention.  Anyway, it was who I became for a long while. 

I was the teen that took bathroom breaks and came back reeking of smoke.  How did I really believe no one noticed, ha-ha?  Smoking in the school bathroom caused a lot hassles for me, like numerous visits to the office & a big fine!

But those hassles were also pretty funny memories (later).  One time we were all piled up in the handicap stall and of course the cigarette had just been passed to me when one of the teachers (possibly school cop - it was a long time ago) busted us.  There was little I could do, it was obviously in my hand.  So like any other rebel, of course, I blew the smoke in her face and took my punishment.

Or the time the teacher made me wet the cigarette and take it to the office as evidence.  Have you ever smelled a wet cigarette butt, ugh?  For some reason admin wasn't available, I sat there for ages stinking up the office, re-explaining my story to every adult that walked in, and eventually tossed it and returned to class (just can't remember if I actually got detention or not). 

The best was when they busted me for the umpteenth time and were finally sick of it.  They sent me to court and hit me with a fine.  In order to repay the fine my mom found the worst job around, I was forced to work at a fish farm in the weekends vacuuming poop & muck from the tanks.  I made more than enough money to repay the fine but my mom kept the leftover money.  (And despite being rebellious I was also a hard worker and the farm kept me on for a while, I think it was possibly one of my first jobs.)

Times have changed since I was in high school and obviously I have too.  Just wonder what the kids actually get away with these days?  Some things don't change though, I still occasionally walk up on the teens smoking in the woods across from the high school where I walk my dog.  We've even seen them time when the teacher walks by and they slip away for a quick puff, ha-ha!  I guess not everything has changed.

Did any of you smoke cigarettes in high school?  Any of you reformed smokers?  (And yes, I did find a clip from Full House, have to love & hate the 90's!)

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. This post made me smile. Ah, the 90's! I finally knew my husband and I are getting so old when we're standing in the checkout line at Hot Topic and complaining about the wretched music they're playing. My husband said, "What the hell is this?" I replied, "I don't know, but it sure as hell ain't from the 90's." LOL!

    My husband totally smoked in high school, lol. He still does but only on the way to and from work. He has an hour commute one way. I wish he would quit, but he doesn't smoke in the house or around the kids so that's good.

    I smoked off and on starting at 18. I was 18 when I first drank alcohol and got so wasted it wasn't even worth the hangover. >.< I had friends who smoked cigarettes and weed in high school. There were a few places who sold us cigarettes and never checked our IDs. We were 15! I had a friend who started when we were 13, and I crack up still to this day when I think about how she told me she felt like she was flying. I was like, "What the hell is in that thing?"

    I see kids who look like they aren't even in junior high yet smoking, and I'm like whoa! You're just babies, lol. I totally remember that episode of Full House, too.

    1. Know what you mean about getting old, can't stand half the popular music anymore, ha-ha!
      :) Danica