Sunday, January 13, 2013

My TV Shows

Whether we like to admit to it or not, we all watch television... and some of us actually get a little attached to shows.  Take my grandmother, for example, there are actually soap operas she has watched for decades!  For me some shows come and go, like my interest in Glee and 30 Rock.  Then there was also Ringer, but they gave it all away too soon and ended after one season.  There are plenty of tv shows I watch with my husband or as a family including my daughter.  Then there are some I watch that just aren't for them.
I have been watching Grey's Anatomy for years now.  I was a season or so behind when I decided to start following but that didn't stop me from starting at season 1 episode 1 and working my way through the show.  On Friday I watched season 9 episode 10, that's a lot of Grey's Anatomy.  I've watched many people come and go from the show, I even had an old friend star in the show (wrote a post about it).  There have been times when I started to get bored with it but yet I could never completely write it off.  This show has brought me to tears so many times, just like a few days ago (have to love a show that can touch your emotions).  Sure I can't always stomach the ER gore, but luckily I can look away and press mute!
My favorite show at the moment is The Vampire Diaries.  It's another show where I have watched every episode.  To me, you can't be a true fan if you miss an episode (they're well into season 4 now), the storyline is important, and missing a show means missing details.  On occasion it seems ridiculous, vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids, all in one show, but it also means most anything goes.  And how can a show grow boring if you can take it any direction you like.  You can kill people off and bring them back, you can put them in a coffin for most of a season and voila, there they are again.  I must say, I do wish they hadn't killed off Alaric (and Mason, but for other reasons than a good character).  And I also wished they hadn't let Elena actually go all the way with Damon, but hey, it keeps it interesting.
Then there is Pretty Little Liars.  I picked up this show because it aired in the summer, helping to tide over the long wait for my fav shows to start up again in the fall.  There are times when I make sure to watch it weekly, then there are times I'll miss a few weeks and have to catch up.  I am so curious who "A" is it keeps bringing me back. "A" has turned out to be multiple people and the plot keeps thickening (long live season 3)!  But sometimes it gets too intense for me, boarder line horror.  I often end up catching up on the show late at night, maybe I should consider watching it during the day.  There are so many twists to the plot it can be hard to keep up with, but again, I've watched every episode up until their fall break, and it'll be starting up again soon!
Then there's a new one that I'm giving a chance, Beauty & The Beast.  It seemed interesting at first, then I was convinced it would get cancelled.  But they made it through the first few shows and it's still airing.  Who knows if it will get a second season, but at least for now it's something to watch on the evenings my husband makes it home late. 


  1. I'm looking forward to Smash coming back in Feb. So far it is my running favorite.

  2. Still haven't watched that one yet, maybe I should! :) Danica