Thursday, January 3, 2013


I didn't plan on my below Wordless Wednesday post to be the 1st of 2013, but it just happened that way.

Yet somehow it says so much :
- be flexible
- keep trying
- stay focused
- get in shape
- support each other
- build on relationships
- try new things
- learn new things
- work together
- experience more culture
- travel more
I could probably go on and on, but you get the point.

I'm not big on resolutions... yes I do set goals but no where is it written in stone that they have to be obtained within 1 year.  These goals are something to look forward to, to strive toward.  I have a short list off to the side of my blog with my goals for 2013, and yes half of them carried over from last year.  Why... life happens.  I always try and tell myself to control the things I can, and that makes the uncontrollable a little easier to handle.  But talk is easy.  Maybe I should work on doing more and talking less, ha-ha!
For those of you who made resolutions, bucket lists, goals, whatever you want to call them, good luck.  And for those of you who didn't, goals are a good thing, try setting at least one for yourself and build from there.
I wish you all success, happiness, and good health this 2013!


  1. this is going to be an awesome year!! I am really excited about it. I always set goals, resolutions for myself. WIthout it, I get nowhwere!

  2. You have a great list of goals to work towards this year and you can do it! I want to travel more too. I didn't make it very far last year and that'll be the last time something like that happens! Best of luck to you.

  3. That is a great list! I didn't make any this year, but I always have a running tally of what areas I would like to improve in my life.

    Good luck reaching your goals this year!

  4. I stopped making resolutions. Something about making one is the surest way it won't get done ;)

  5. My resolution is to comment more on your blog!!! You are always so kind with your comments :-) Cheers to 2013!

  6. Hi. Newest follower here. Just popping over to say Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.

  7. Just so we're all clear, the above list are not my resolutions (just good examples), my goals are off to the right side of my blog. I tend to keep it simple! :) Danica