Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fitness Update

I figured it was about time for a fitness update, especially considering I haven't been quite doing what I had originally planned (big frown).

How are the smoothies going?
Well, I'm definitely still drinking at least 3 a week.  I'd like to work more into my schedule, but it seems like lately I just haven't had the time.  Smoothies take a bit of effort, and I don't always have time to chop up the fruit, make the smoothie, and then clean the blender.  Occasionally time wasn't the problem, it was the fact I was already full and even though a smoothie is a drink, well, it's still quite filling.  Think my last smoothie was in the weekend, not too bad.

How is the arm & ab challenge going?
The first week went great!  But after that it started becoming harder and more time consuming.  There were so many exercises I was having to split them up into reps and then split that up into a morning & evening exercise just to be able to squeeze it into my schedule.  At some point I actually just forgot about the challenge, oops.  I did see results in my arms even after just a week, so maybe I can use a toned down version of the challenge & create something more realistic for my life.

How is the jogging going?
This is the most frustrating part!  I love jogging, besides immediate results, the strange trance of endorphins was quite addicting.  Unfortunately within 3-4 jogging sessions I developed ridiculously painful shin splints, ouch!  Meanwhile, jogging has been cut back to once a week, and I'm working on my stance.  Besides that I've adjusted the surface I run on and plan on new shoes for my b-day.  Hopefully these adjustments and rest will get me back out jogging 2-3 times a week!

How is cutting back on energy drinks going?
I went a week without any, which was great considering I had been drinking 1 a day.  And now I've allotted myself 1-2 in the weekend as a treat.  This seems to be working out.  Who knows, maybe once I get fit again, I will not even want the energy drinks.  (Kind of like the McDonald's I ate last night, which made me feel gross, I didn't even finish my burger.)  Perks of starting to get fit - the unhealthy stuff is more yuck than yum!

The beauty of getting fit & healthy is you can start immediately!  With that said, I'm hoping to get to water aerobics tonight and if not, there's an elliptical machine with my name on it!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. Ravi has been having Shin splint issues with running as well! I did find this article and shared it with him: http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/shin-splints-are-most-common-new-runner-injury

    It is amazing how much your body welcomes cleaner eating! I still crave cheesey pizza and fried foods and I indulge but you can guarantee at minimum I'm going to be lethargic afterword but even more lately I've had stomach problems. Crazy.

    1. I watched the video, thanks, everything helps!
      So far cutting back on jogging and doing special shin splint stretches has been the only thing that has helped. Can't wait until it's gone so I can step up the jogging and start focusing more on my stance.
      Oh, and ibuprofen has been a life saver!
      :) Danica