Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pandora's Box

In ancient Greek mythology Pandora's Box contained all the evils of the world, when she opened the box (actually a jar) it released evil into the world and the only thing remaining in the box was hope.  Nowadays, Pandora's Box contains beautiful customizable jewelry, and my husband bought it for me!!!  If you live here in Europe you most likely know the brand, but I am not sure if it's also popular in The States or not.  Ryan surprised me with a beautiful combination of three necklaces, they can be worn together or separate.  He said while at the store trying to design the necklace the women working the counter just didn't understand what he was coming up with, but once they pieced everything together they were very impressed, as well was I.  I have never owned necklaces that feel the way these do, they are so smooth, almost soft to the touch.  Because the necklaces are three different sizes they hang beautifully over my clothes and chest.  I was absolutely shocked when Ryan gave me the small silver bag from Pandora, I had told him not to buy me anything for Christmas because driving lessons were costing enough. 
But when does he ever listen to me, ha-ha!  As an addition to the necklace the store threw in a silver Pandora charm bracelet.  I can wear it as a silver band or add charms over time.  They sell a variety of unique charms from silver & gold to even glass.  For now I am going to enjoy the incredible necklace, I can always collect charms later.  My husband enjoys buying jewelry for me, over the past 10 yrs he has bought me a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings from around the world.  He even brought me back an interesting belt that looks more like a necklace from Dubai.  The last time he went to The States he asked if he could pick anything up for me, I told him I would like a simple pair of hoop earrings.  I'm not a big spender so I like to keep the costs low, but like I said before he rarely listens to me.  And luckily for me, because when he returned from California he had a pair of unique yellow & white gold earrings from Bloomingdale's.  I have never seen anything like them, instead of being a hoop they are twisted together, the two different types of gold meeting at the bottom.  I am one lucky woman!  I should have known from the beginning that Ryan likes to buy jewelry, because I still have the first ring and necklace set he bought me at Wal-mart when he was 19 yrs old!

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  1. This is a great story Sweetie! Pandora Jewelry is popular here in the States as well...sold only in the best stores. I always knew Ryan had great taste, he picked you didn't he?

    Love, Dad