Monday, July 2, 2012


In this world of blogging we accumulate followers and we also follow others.  I use a Google blog and it makes this act quite simple.  You can easily add blogs to your "reading list" and follow them publicly.  Usually I am careful as to who I decide to "follow publicly".  I'll read the blog for around a month and then decide if it is a worthwhile blog, and that I don't mind letting other people know I find it interesting.  In the 9 months I've been blogging, I've never had to delete a blog from my list.  But the other day, I decided it was in my best interest.  I understand not all blogs are light hearted and I understand a majority of blogs have a special interest in mind.  But this blog blindsided me; at first it was fun and random, similar to my own, then occasionally they started delving into religion.  I can deal with that despite my own beliefs and/or non-belief's.  I am open minded, I like to hear other points of views.  But it was getting to be too much, too often.  Then the blogger started writing about American politics.  Again, I'm capable of having a discussion despite the party you choose to support.  I actually enjoy heated debates about politics and religion.  But the fun light hearted posts were coming less often, and the posts about things I didn't agree with came more and more.  Then at one point as I was getting irritated and ready to respond to what I found to be uneducated and emotionally charged comments to a political post (all in support of the blogger), I decided enough was enough. 
It's like tv, if you don't like what you're watching, change the channel.  There's no sense in making a fuss, because there are people out there who do enjoy it.  Part of me wanted to leave a comment with my very different opinion, but I had to be mature about it and let it go (ha-ha, hence this post).  I can't decide what bothered me more, the posts or the comments.  Did I really want to start some kind of blog war, no... I don't want to get hateful comments on my blog just because I've ruffled a few feathers.  So I went to my "reading list" and removed that particular blog.  Now the posts are no longer in my face, neither are the ridiculous comments, and I am no longer associated with it.  You're not required to advertise your blog as religious or political, but a little heads up might be nice.  Luckily enough, I took the high road, but if others unknowingly stumble upon it, they might not be so kind.


  1. I find myself in this situation a lot on facebook. Some of my family members have strong religious and political views that I don't agree with. No matter how tempted I am to comment on something I always bite my tongue. I know that no matter what I say they won't change their views and it's better to just keep my opinions to myself and keep the peace :)

    1. I refuse to join Facebook, I don't want to deal with hurting peoples feelings by not accepting friend requests or not "liking" everything. The downfall is, it's the only way to find out what people are up to these days, they think if they post it on Facebook everyone knows what they're doing and they rarely bother to email or call.