Thursday, June 28, 2012

Casino Night

Recently we had a family/ladies night out at the casino, I love the casino!  I enjoy spending time with my in-laws, so a dinner & casino night seemed like a great start to the summer.  Despite my excitement I physically and mentally tried to sabotage the evening (again, my wording is extreme, I am a storyteller).  Before I get into the details, I'll let you know we all had a good time and will do it again.  My issues started weeks before, we kept having to reschedule the date of the night out thanks to someone (you know who you are, ha-ha!)  This waiting built my excitement to a level I could barely contain.  It was a problem I had when I was younger, I would get so excited about an event that by the time the event came I had a headache, felt sick, and made it miserable.  Seriously, I thought I was over this! 
The next problem (self created) was my perfumed body lotion.  I don't generally wear perfume, I find the smell too strong and it easily gives me a headache, plus I have allergies.  So what did I do an hour before going out, I lathered my body in perfume lotion, I ended up taking an aspirin before I even left to meet everyone.  My next issue, I started drinking at the restaurant.  I don't get many child-free nights out, so I wanted to take advantage of it.  During dinner I managed to drink 2 beers, which doesn't seem like much, but like I said I was already having mental & physical issues (excitement + perfume).  I enjoyed dinner, but to be honest my head was focused on the casino and the hundreds of euros I was going to win.  I wanted to prove to my husband that he's not the only one that can rake in the mula (money) at the casino, which I didn't.  Now I've added alcohol and pressure.  I'm lucky I didn't throw up! 
And last but not least, I get nervous while playing roulette.  I don't like any other game at the casino besides roulette, I seem to hold on to my money longer at the roulette table than anywhere else.  Why do I get nervous, who knows, maybe because I'm a tight wad and hate losing money, maybe because I feel like all eyes are on me???  The best way I could explain it to my mom was, I felt like a kid playing an adults game, but c'mon I'm 30 yrs old, I'm allowed to be there.  So, excitement + perfume + alcohol + pressure + nerves = stuttering at the table while speaking Dutch to the dealer, shaky hands while playing chips, spilling my beer all over the table in front of the in-laws (I had 2 more), & breaking into random sweats, plus a general unwell feeling!  But like I said, all in all it was a fun night out, and according to my mother-in-law I wasn't annoying in the slightest, ha-ha!

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