Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hair Salon : √

Well, I think I finally found my new permanent hair salon, Coupez in Eindhoven! 

Like I mentioned in a previous post about hair salons, I've been searching for a decent salon for some time now.  My last two cuts didn't turn out quite like I hoped, nothing to do with the salons but the stylists lack of experience.  The stylist at Coupez, Rachel, also owns the salon and takes pride in her work, and her experience shows.  She listened to what I wanted, gave some advice, and the result was a great cut!  For the first time in ages, I left the salon and actually wasn't embarrassed.  Usually the stylists give me some ridiculously large, product filled hair style, that I want to run home and wash out, but not this time.  I actually felt like a million bucks.  The stylist is friendly & knowledgeable, the salon itself is cute & clean, and the price was worthwhile.  And to top it off she's within walking distance, making it a quick trip.  She also cuts children's hair, there's a cute chair and tv screen for the kids.  Up until today I only knew of one other salon in town that catered to kids.  (Maybe when my daughter turns 3 yrs old, we'll get her hair cut for the 1st time.)  The true test of the cut will be after I have washed and styled my own hair, but as of now I am very content.  I definitely plan on returning to her salon (even when it moves down the road in September).

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  1. Hey there, like your blog. I was wondering if you visited this salon again. I'm getting my hair cut for the first time in Eindhoven, an I'm pretty nervous about it... :)