Thursday, June 14, 2012

Potato Tacos

Yes, you read this correctly, I'm blogging about mashed potato tacos.  You're probably thinking WTF??!!  Because that's exactly what I thought when the recipe popped up in my email box.  I subscribe to and receive new recipes daily, and generally they have decent suggestions.  But this, mashed potatoes stuffed into a taco shell, c'mon!  Was no one paying attention when they sent out the Daily Dish that morning?  I love mashed potatoes and I love tacos, but together, I'm still trying to grasp this.  You know what is even crazier, they recommend it as a good snack for kids!!!  And we wonder why there are so many over weight people in the world.  I couldn't just let the email go by without checking further into it, when I opened the site I saw the recipe received 4 out of 5 stars!  One persons comment even said it was a good idea as a vegetarian meal, now I know a few vegetarians and I doubt they would eat this.  I guess the name of the site proves correct,, not GoodRecipes or HealthyRecipes, but AllRecipes.  If any of you are brave (hungry) enough to try this, please let me know if I am missing something!


  1. There were a number of critical comments (along with one star ratings) that have been removed from the recipe.

    1. I did see a couple bad reviews, but I was shocked by the good ones! :) Danica

  2. I'm sorry, but mash potatoes in my taco just doesn't sound very inviting for me. LOL. I'll settle for the original recipes. Beef!!

  3. I don't see them making it to the Taco Bell menu! :) Danica