Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sticker Graffiti (#2)

Ever since I wrote a post about sticker graffiti throughout Eindhoven I can't stop seeing stickers everywhere I go!  And neither can my dad because he's sending me his own shots. 

The first photo was taken in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.  (You can't miss the palm trees in the background.)  If you look close enough there's also a reoccurring theme to the stickers on our drain pipe, apparently cats & light bulbs are popular among taggers.  Since I wasn't there to take the photo I can't make out too many of the stickers, at the top I do see Wa* though.  Of course I Googled this, I couldn't find anything matching it, but it did seem to bring back a lot of results for the Japanese word Wa, which is the oldest recorded name for Japan.  Maybe my dad has some background on the stickers...  Dad, a little help?

The next shot my dad took while he was in New York City, NY, USA.  Here the taggers take a different approach, they use the sidewalk (as well as everything else).  I'm actually surprised the stickers have held up so well with all of the pedestrians in NYC.  This photo has quite a few legible stickers; and keeping up with my last post about sticker graffiti, I'm going to list off what I see.  I'll let you do the background work and if you see something I don't, let me know!  Cr8 Your Fate, Decon, 10Deep, a paintbrush, some guy with a  crew cut, Asian triangle guy, and a heart.  O.k., o.k., I couldn't let it go, I looked one up, I'll give you a heads start, Cr8 Your Fate.

Like I mentioned, I can't get away from the stickers here in Eindhoven, NL, so here's a photo I took of a door near the center of the city.  In the bottom left corner you can see old friendly Gato & Reus (cat & giant), they're also on the drain pipe outside of our apartment.  And obviously a lot we haven't seen before, luckily the graffiti artists haven't gone this crazy on our drain pipe.  Some of these I actually bothered to look up (I promise, I really do have better things to do, ha-ha!)  There are a wide range of stickers, some stickers are protesting against the treatment of animals prior to slaughter, some are just advertising music festivals, and some are marketing their own companies.  Some are a bit more interesting, like Big Daddy Gun, he's a graffiti artist (sticker-sticker, funny), and you can find him on You Tube.  And there is even one promoting a band through MySpace (wow, does that still exist). 

No matter what, each sticker has some sort of story behind it.  Maybe the sticker itself has little to no meaning and the story lies within the act itself.  In my teenage years I definitely stuck random stickers around town, what a silly adrenaline rush!

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  1. Sorry I can't be a lot of help. I was intrigued by your post and started seeing stickers everywhere. The metal plate on the sidewalk in SOHO in New York City was the most interesting. Evidently I need to do some research. One thing I have noticed is the stickers seem to appear in areas where there are dj and dance clubs.