Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Dress

Being in fashion is not important to me, I'd actually prefer to look a little different than other women I know.  Conforming is not my thing!  But occasionally things happen and I buy something that's considered trendy... usually on sale at the end of the season so technically it's no longer in fashion, oh well.  We had planned a trip to Ireland this weekend, but a chicken pox scare forced us to cancel our trip.  Prior to the trip I had ordered quite a few dresses from H&M but since we decided not to go I didn't bother to open the bag.  Then last night unexpected dinner plans popped up and I needed something to wear.  I generally never wear new clothes unless I wash them, much less wrinkled ones straight out of the bag but I had no option (actually I own a lot of dresses but I felt the need for a new one).  I tried on around 6 dresses and in the end let my husband pick.  I knew it was too wrinkled, I tried to iron it but with no avail, and yet I let my husband talk me in to wearing it out.  While it was still daylight I hid between my husband and my purse, and of course sunglasses that don't actually hide a thing but make you feel concealed.  It was a friends birthday and she was shocked to see me out in a dress.  I wear them more than she realizes, but in the 8 yrs we've known each other she can count on one hand how many times she's seen me in one.  It was nice to know everyone thought I looked so nice considering how uncomfortable I was.  By nightfall (and on to a fav bar), I came out of my shell a bit and didn't mind the attention the neon pink dress was bringing, and to be honest the flowing skirt made dancing around fun.  I still have a few other dresses in the H&M bag that I might try on again and consider keeping, but then again I live in The Netherlands and it's rarely warm enough to truly enjoy a dress.

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