Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Vacation

Summer is almost over for the kids here in The Netherlands, next week they all head back to school and everyone gets back to their normal schedules.  I'm hoping that once my toddler gets back to her normal routines I can actually get back to blogging!  This summer we've been so busy between activities and the new puppy, I've only found time for short posts lacking flare and of course Wordless Wednesdays.  Besides play dates and dog training, we've also managed to find time to babysit.  A few days this summer I chased after 3 kids and 2 dogs!  Most of friends thought I was crazy and I admit it's a lot but the kids are cooperative and enjoy spending time together and the dogs, well, they'll work it out.  Yesterday was the last day of babysitting this summer, so I thought I'd mark with a shot of my niece and a ladybug she caught.

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  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I'm glad you like living in the Netherlands. I only get to visit when I stop to connect for flights onward. Sounds like you've had quite a busy summer. I wish you the best as you transition to Fall.