Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Suit

Being a former Floridian I've owned many bathing suits in my lifetime.  There were the teenage years, skimpy bikinis held together by strings.  Then board shorts became popular, and of course I owned matching flip-flops and visors.  In my mid 20's I moved on to bikini's with shorts to ensure no slippage during activities, combining the idea of bikinis and board shorts (and to cover what I thought then was fat).  After having my daughter I decided it was only fair to everyone to conceal my stomach and start wearing a tankini, what a wonderful invention!  But as of late I'm realizing the tankini just isn't doing its job.  During my daughters swimming class as we jump around in the pool and chase each other, it's constantly raising up still revealing my stomach and nearly comes down flashing the class.  So I decided to try out a one piece bathing suit.  I put on the Speedo I use for water aerobics and lap swimming but it only accented the ring of blubber I've developed around my waistline.  I put it back in the closet and decided it would only be used for sports not toddler swimming class or fun visits to the pool.  I went online in search of my options, and of course the ones with waist control were screaming my name.  When I pulled the bathing suit out of the bag I just knew it would be a disaster, again helping to destroy my confidence (I hate trying on clothes).  But when I put it on I was amazed, it was flattering and suited me well.  I was a bit nervous about swimming class, all of us moms are quite observant and a new suit requires comments.  But the feedback was positive, jackpot!  So here I am, early 30's and I've already progressed to the one-piece bathing suit, what will I be wearing later in life, a full caftan in the water?  As of now I am content and wanted to show off my new suit (no, not while wearing it!) 
This week has been a busy pool week... three different activities, three different pools.  There was lap swimming at the pool on the north side of town.  Then there was babysitting my nieces which included swimming class with the 8 yr old at ZIB one town over.  And then we rounded off the week with normal toddler swimming at the pool on the south side of town.  Luckily I like the water!!!


  1. I'm all about the one piece bathing suite! Right there with you :)

    1. I saw a suit almost identical to this for over 50 bucks, I'm happy to say I bought it for a lot less and on sale! :) Danica