Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Despicable RyanAir

RyanAir, I grumble every time I see the advertisements or even hear the words... RyanAir is a horrible despicable airline.  I've never had any pleasure doing business with them and I would never recommend them to anyone.
Now, I'm only going to complain this post so prepare yourself.
My last post about RyanAir was me fighting with them to reimburse a cancelled trip.  I think the tone of my post tells you they did not reimburse our trip.  They basically stole €700 from our family.  A short recap... our toddler was exposed to two cases of chicken pox and was most likely going to contract them.  We contacted RyanAir, were told she would not be allowed to board the plane if she had them, and then they assisted us in cancelling our trip by referring us on to our travel insurance.  We followed all of their steps, filled out all of their paperwork and they still refused to reimburse our cancelled trip.  We then filed a claim with the travel insurance RyanAir recommended and they too refused to reimburse us.  We did what any good parents would do, we saw a high risk of getting stuck in a foreign country with a sick toddler, and it cost us €700!
This was not the only time RyanAir refused to reimburse us.  During one trip they damaged our luggage to the point we could no longer use it for future trips.  And because we didn't fill the paperwork out immediately before exiting the airport they would not even consider helping us.
And on my very first flight with RyanAir they misled us about costs.  We were told it would cost €100 to bring along our golf bag.  Pricey but hey we were going on a golf weekend.  They conveniently didn't mention this price was one way.  So at the airport on the return trip we had to dish out the money again.
RyanAir poses as a cheap airline, but they hit you with costs anywhere they can and they refuse to help you if anything goes wrong.  I'm not the only one unhappy with them, just look up their reputation online, it's absurd!
I refuse to fly RyanAir ever again.  I have even requested that my friends, family, and company also stop using RyanAir.  And if any one of you ever are faced with the choice of RyanAir versus any other airline, go with the other airline, please!!!
(The above pic is thanks to Liz at Young Adventuress)