Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14th

A couple weeks ago it actually took me a minute to remember when Valentine's actually was, I ran a couple dates through my head before it came to me.  Hard to believe I could forget the date!  Commercial holidays aren't very important around our house, and Valentine's isn't as big of a holiday here in The Netherlands as it is in The States.  I do tend to get my hubby a nice card and make him something yummy for the occasion and this year was no different.  Well, this year I did involve our toddler a bit more.  Since she loves arts & crafts I decided her & I would make my hubby Valentine's Day cards instead of buying them at the store.  We had a fun time gluing & cutting, and she even managed to keep the cards a surprise until this morning.  Unlike our idea to make a cake!  I was going to surprise my husband with a heart-shaped V-Day cake, but she blew the surprise last night, ha-ha!  My toddler loves baking so I should have known she'd tell him.  Oh well, the cake will still be a yummy desert after dinner this evening.  We're both happy to have our Valentine's back home, considering last week he was away on business in Rome.  For those of you celebrating today, I hope you have a loving V-Day, and for those of you not, I hope you have an enjoyable Thursday!
My husband decided to email me a pic he considered thoughtful and sort-of romantic... morbid but sweet in its own way!


  1. That photo is sweet in a very, very morbid way :)
    Happy Valentines Day to you!

  2. What goes through a man's mind I'll never know! At least he meant it in a lovey way :)

  3. He meant it well, we'll love each other forever! :) Danica

  4. I like it, made me laugh :)