Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy Rainy Days

Living in a place where it often rains means you need a good rain coat.  And yet some how after all my years here I am yet to buy one.  About a month ago when it rained for around 3 weeks straight I went in search of a cute yet adult rain coat.  I'm an online shopper so immediately a world of options opened.  And I mean it literally... I found 3 coats I adore, 1 in the US, 1 in the UK, & 1 here in NL.  The bright yellow Steve Madden jacket from Macy's in The States was sold out so that was the end of that. The black & white daisy print jacket from ASOS in England was cute but returning it if it didn't fit would prove to be a challenge.  So I'm pretty sure I've settled on a brand here, Happy Rainy Days. They have a huge variety of styles & colors and now I just have to decide which one suites me best.  And since I have a b-day coming up it will be a perfect gift to ask people to pitch in on... they're not cheap, you definitely pay for the quality.

What do you all think of the jackets?

Do you have a rain coat and where did you find it?

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