Friday, June 21, 2013

Live Graffiti

There's always something interesting going on in Eindhoven, today we happened upon a live graffiti session!  I happened to be a big fan of graffiti, as long as it's not destroying something.  I've posted in the past about sticker graffiti around town, and my Instagram account even features a couple pieces near my house.  From the 14th - 23rd, Eindhoven is hosting E-Moves, it's an urban festival spread throughout town, featuring everything from break dancing to BMX bikes.  We witnessed just a bit of the street art event... would have liked to stick around but it was lunch time and we were hungry.  There were multiple empty canvases set up, and even a few already in use.  It still amazes me that a large white canvas can come to life so quickly.  As usual I snapped a couple pics for you, and if you're in the Eindhoven area you should pop over to Dynamo and check out the street art below on the square.

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