Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bus Card (#2)

And the saga continues, ha-ha!  More like, and the waste of money continues!  After realizing my bus card was in the negative I knew I needed to reload it in preparation for the next bus trip.  I went online, signed into my account and explored my options.  There was a great deal that for just €10.90 I could get a 40% discount on my trips (most of our trips fall into the qualifications for the discount).  With excitement I ordered and paid.  Then as I closed the order I noticed the amount didn't just appear on the card, I was actually going to have to take my card to a machine in order to load my order.  What!  Again another hassle pertaining to the bus card.  Later that night it crossed my mind that possibly the order I placed was purely to receive the discount and not actually put a usable balance on my card.  I crossed my fingers.  But unfortunately the next day when I went to load the card I found out the money I had spent was only to apply for the discount, I still had a negative balance on my card.  I tried to collect myself, like I said, I despise wasting money... and now on top of it, I was going to have to tell my husband that my brilliant plan to save money was actually costing 3 times more than I expected.  Since I was already at the machine I finally went ahead and put actual money on the account.  And of course they immediately deducted what I owed.  I'm hoping that with the discounts I applied for the balance will last a long time.  Of course after all this effort and investment we're going to have to ride the bus more often to make it worth our while.  Starting next week I should have a working card, I now know how to use it, and I can actually monitor the expenses properly.  I'm really curious what an actual round trip will costs, because up until this point something has gone wrong on both round-trips.  Up until this point two trips to swimming class have cost around €37!!!  And I used to walk for free (and exercised along the way)!
While on the topic of buses, I've noticed something else.  The drivers in the early morning are very nice and the ones in the late morning have panned out to be quite unfriendly.  One even snapped at me in front of my 3 yr old!  He claimed we didn't press the button for our stop and that we just stood up expecting him to stop.  I know my tot pressed the button, and I pressed it after her for certainty, so we weren't the crazy ones.  And even if the button didn't work there was no need for the attitude, I'm not some punk kid giving him a hard time.  I'm often shocked at how rude people can be in front of a child, tisk-tisk!
Well, I'm sure our bus trip next week will deliver some kind of story, so I'll do my best to follow up on it!


  1. oy, so much trouble. it's easier than tickets tho. I was thinking I could market the bus cards for them by saying how much weight i lost. when I had to buy tickets, each time I'd get a chocolate bar. by card topping it up at home, I never buy any.

    our bus system switched to cards. the machine reader kept telling me that the card was defective. It was all the wrist movement of swiping. It took me weeks. I wanted to take a card reader home to practice on.

    1. Funny! Nothing like the pressure of swiping before the bus takes off! :) Danica