Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Rain Coat

Well, in the spirit of my birthday, I'm writing about another great b-day present.  (There will be more of these to come.)  A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I was on the look out for a rain coat.  Well, I finally made a decision and when my b-day rolled around I crossed my fingers and suggested it as a b-day gift from the in-laws.  I found the hooded coat to be quite expensive, so since I'm frugal (do I mention this in every post?) I did my research until I found the same coat on sale.  The sale wasn't great but it was still less than buying it direct from Happy Rainy Days.  After suggesting it as a present I didn't really hear anymore about it, so when my b-day celebration rolled around I was ecstatic to see the box sitting in the eat-in kitchen.  I patiently waited until they handed it over, but once they did I ripped the box open, yanked the coat out, and immediately put it on.  (Despite breaking out into a sweat).  It's awesome... it fits great, it looks great, and I can't wait to use it.  Now I fully understand my b-day falls in the summer and a rain coat isn't actually practical until the weather cools off again, but at least I have it.  As of now it's hanging on the coat rack waiting for the first cool rain of autumn.  Since I live in a country known for rain and cool weather I should get a lot of use out of it.  As always I snapped a pic (don't usually take reflection pics). 
I didn't ask for the coat I showed you in a previous post, Happy Rainy Days has so many patterns and designs I searched until I found one that suited me.  It was hard to choose between the pink & white or black & white, but you see which one I obviously went with.  I'll be sure to write a post once I actually use it!  Thanks in-laws, you're great!!!


  1. It looks great! Rain stuff is on sale in Summer so I think it was smart to get it now.

    1. I actually got the reflection idea from your blog, thanks!
      :) Danica