Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crocs Collection

I love Crocs, there is no denying that.  I'm an adult who has a small collection of Crocs, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it.  I've mentioned some of my Crocs throughout this blog, like my rain boots and ballet flats.  There were of course my 1st slip-ons but they're so worn out I only use them for street parties & festivals.  And now, I've added to my collection again.

These are called Duet Sport Ballet Flats, and yes I bought the raspberry pink ones!!!  I love the way they look, a sporty mary jane shoe that goes with at least half of my spring/summer wardrobe.  They have the usual Croc comfort and as always they're handy... light weight, easy to clean, & effortless to put on.  But I must admit, there is one negative aspect of the shoe, there are no holes for ventilation.  For me it is not so much the fact the shoes don't vent (I never noticed stinky or sweaty feet afterward) the problem is that water can't escape.  You probably look confused right now!  See the beauty of Crocs is you can get them wet and keep going, and during the summer I have a lot of run-ins with water.  At the zoo, I actually had to take my shoes off to dump the water out and then when I put them back on there was no air for my feet to dry (not really sure how I got wet at the zoo??)  But like most women it's vanity over sanity for me and I love the way they look and feel too much to care about this issue.  The ballet flats / boat shoes also did not have holes but the shoes were loose enough for air to get in and the duet sport flats basically conform perfectly to your feet.

Anyway, I'm happy with my new Crocs (thanks Dad for the b-day gift) and really enjoyed them this summer.  Too bad the Rocket Dog cowboy boots I ordered along with them from didn't work out... so the search continues for new my fall/winter boots!


  1. I thought those were Sketchers at first (I love them like you love your Crocs). Thanks for linking up at the Get Inspired Weekend Blog Hop. I love the raspberry color :)

  2. I have to admit I don't find crocs the best looking shoes but WOW are they comfortable!

    Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

    Life in a Break Down

  3. I have never tried a Croc, but I am getting curious. :) Thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync!

  4. Crocs are definitely worth trying, even if you're just wearing them for yard work! :) Danica

  5. The Crocs you buy are much better looking than the ones I see people wearing here. Being in the yacht and boating capital of the world a lot of people who are on boats wear them quite often. glad you enjoy them...Better luck with the boots.


    1. Already have another pair of boots in mind, with a stud skull on the side! :) Danica

  6. Crocs are comfy as well as Skechers. I have one pair which is surprisingly durable. I have had it for years and use them for brisk walking instead of the regular sneakers and it is really comfortable! Maybe this is why we see nurses wearing them, they should really wear something comfy for their 12 hour shifts.