Friday, August 2, 2013

Ribs Factory

In the past I've posted about my search for a good steak here in Eindhoven.  This search has turned up a couple restaurant options, Rodeo and Sméagol.  But each one has their downfalls, depending on how you look at it.  Rodeo is small, hot, and expensive, but the food is great.  Smeagol doesn't serve alcohol, but the steaks are tasty and affordable.  Then we discovered Ribs Factory.  At first I stayed away from it because it seemed too cliché to eat there as an American, but one thing lead to another and there we sat at the bar.  See at Ribs Factory you can only reserve a table for 6 or more people, otherwise you have to eat outside or at the bar.  Luckily we've never minded eating at the bar (it's actually a more relaxed experience) and we get seated faster.  Ribs Factory seems to bring it all together, good prices, good atmosphere, and a damn good steak.  There are actually three to choose from, the Scottish, the Argentinian, or the American steak... each one is delicious.  Since our first taste of their steak & ribs we've been hooked.  I often hear myself telling my husband we're not going to create a side budget just to eat there weekly.  I honestly think he'd go once a week, and if you knew him you'd understand this is a huge compliment.  Another thing the Ribs Factory offers is a discount if you eat outside of the peak hours.  So from 4-5PM & 10-11PM.  This means you have to place your order within that time period... I of course tried one night when paying around 10:30PM, but she said we had place our order before 10PM so the discount did not apply.  Smeagol is equally as good and right next door, so if Ribs Factory is packed there is always a back-up plan!

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