Monday, December 30, 2013

Winter Fun

Each year around Christmas we try and pick out two unusual activities to mark the holidays.  (Holidays = Christmas, New Year, & vacation from school & work... there's a lot to celebrate.)  Last year we went to the Winter Christmas Circus here in Eindhoven and to see Disney on Ice.

And since we enjoyed the circus so much, we were sure to book tickets again this year.  The "Kerst Winter Circus" is 3 hrs long, which is a lot to ask of little kids, but between the entertainment and bringing friends along the time flew by for our 4yr old.  My husband & I thoroughly enjoyed the acts this year... laughing at the clowns (David Shiner & Jose Michel Clowns) and in awe of some of the difficult acts (Oktay Novruzov & Andreis Jacobs Rigolo).  But the one that stuck out most in our mind were The Astronauts, I can only compare them to an amazing tight rope act but on a wheel, you really should just look them up!  Of course there was everything a circus needed... balancing acts, magicians, and acrobats.  If you're near the Eindhoven area, you really should think about attending when the winter circus rolls around again next year.

Besides a fun afternoon at the circus we spontaneously went to the Efteling.  It's a pretty famous theme park here in The Netherlands.  We have never been in the winter and we actually enjoyed it a lot more than the summer.  The cold, the extra activities like ice skating, and the early sunset added to the feel & mood of the day.  There was something for everyone, young & old!  It was insanely busy but since we went with such a large group we were able to entertain ourselves in all the lines.  The young kids loved the fairy tale woods & ice slide, the older kids loved the rides of course, and the parents enjoyed the train & water show (Aquanura) rounding off the night.  By the time we finally all made it home some time after 10PM we still had smiles plastered on our faces, it was worth the trip & money.  And considering when we woke up we had no idea we were going, it made it even more special.
As usual I've included a couple pics!  Did you do anything extra special this holiday season?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica

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