Friday, December 13, 2013

X Factor USA

Even though we live across the Atlantic Ocean we do our best to keep up with the US X Factor.  There are too many of these types of shows out right now, there are even many Dutch versions, but for now it just happens to be the one we picked.  We haven't had a chance to watch the last episode so please don't give anything away!!!  From the beginning I had two favorites, Josh Levi and Alex & Sierra.  Unfortunately a week or so ago Josh Levi was voted off (big sad face).  When talent like him gets voted off a show it makes me wonder what people actually consider talent these days.  The kid sings, dances, and definitely gives Justin Bieber a run for his money.  So why didn't people vote?  I know why we didn't, we're here in Europe!  I'm crossing my fingers he gets a contract elsewhere, because he deserves it.  But his situation reminds me of a contestant from American Idol (old post), Joshua Ledet... the man was so talented and yet 1-2 yrs later he still doesn't have a record in the market, how it that possible!  But yet groups like Emblem 3 and 5th Harmony get contracts, I just don't get it!  At least my other hopefuls, Alex & Sierra, are still in the race, without them I would have probably lost interest in the show with painful contestants like Restless Road and Carlito Olivero.  There aren't many great duets out right now, and Alex & Sierra should fill that void.  I really enjoy their twist on every song they do, their quirkiness makes them extra interesting, and no one can deny their love for each other melts everyone's heart.  I've been trying my best to avoid anything to do with X Factor on the tabloid sites I read since we're not caught up, but I did see that Alex & Sierra brought Demi Lovato to tears this week... can't wait!!!  Do any of you follow X Factor?

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. You know, a lot of people have been telling me I need to watch this! Maybe now I'll remember to!