Friday, June 6, 2014

Ab & Arm Challenge

After seeing these challenges floating around online I've decided to give it a shot.

My original plan was to participate in the ab challenge but then when looking for the right calendar online I stumbled across the arm challenge and decided to add that in as well.  I might have to drop the arm challenge after a couple weeks, we'll just see how much time I have.

Today was the 1st day and obviously the easiest of them all, finished in less than 5 minutes and didn't break a sweat.  But looking ahead on the calendar I see there will be some painful days to come.  Besides the 2 challenges I will also keep up pilates (use a dvd at home), occasional jogging & crosstrainer (depends on what my leg allows after the stitches), and hopefully water aerobics if I can ever find a day when my friends can join.

Wow, I sound kind of like a fitness freak, but it's not true.  I exercise so that I can eat and drink what I like, and in the end hopefully just look normal and healthy.  (See, I have a soft spot for beer, and chocolate chip cookies, of course!)

Any of you feel like joining in the challenge?  I'm trying to get the husband on board, unfortunately his schedule is just a bit too busy to keep up the challenge consistently.

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. This looks like an awesome arms challenge. My upper body has been getting stronger so challenges like this I look forward to. Love it!

    1. Not sure what to think about thess challenges, I've done a week so far but it's starting to seem like a ridiculous challenge. Even so, I am seeing results (especially in my arms), but I don't think I can honestly do 135 crunches, seriously, do people do that?!
      :) Danica