Monday, June 2, 2014

Energy Drinks

I admit, I like energy drinks.  Not really sure why, can't say they even work once you get used to drinking them regularly.  But somehow they slid right into my weekly routine.  And not only that, they helped slide a few extra pounds around my waistline!

So... I've decided to take a break from the energy drinks and see what happens.  Oh how I'll miss you Red Bull, and SPAM, and Golden Power, and Power Booster, and Bullit, & of course store brands!  (You know me, I buy what's on sale.)

I'll try and give you an update soon to see if it's helped me kick any of the extra weight.  And since I also like smoothies, I'm hoping the natural energy will start taking over soon.  (There should be a smoothie post this week.)

Wish me luck!

Bye! Dag! Adios! Namaste!
:) Danica


  1. Feel yah! My thing is diet sodas. While they don't have the calories all the chemicals and unknown ingredients freak me out. Whenever I'm trying to reign those in though I try to switch to green tea. While NOWHERE near the same I feel better about it.

    1. Glad I don't really drink soda, can't be fighting that addiction also, ha-ha!
      :) Danica

  2. Yeah dear I also love having Green drink!! It’s my daily routine to have a big glass of drink daily in evening. Green drink really work for me and it acts as my power booster. I try to make different flavoured drink daily.