Sunday, October 23, 2011


For my Dutch friends who are unsure what "tailgating" means, it's when someone picnics/cooks from the tailgate of their truck. It's a popular American past time, especially at sporting events.  I even included a couple examples I found online. 

Well now it's finally in The Netherlands, and it's Dutch style!

It's ingenious, it's great, it makes me want to run out and get one, well except for the fact I bike poorly and it's winter.  But maybe next year, and we can attach it to Ryan's bike.  For anyone else interested in this awesome product you should visit the website of the designer :

Every year Eindhoven hosts Dutch Design Week (Oct.22-30, 2011), it gives creative people the chance to display their designs and concepts.  Since we live in the center of town we get full exposure to what Dutch Design Week offers.  You can see an array of ideas from food to clothing to art.  If you want to learn more about it there is an English version of the website :

I wouldn't have found out about the above Bicycle Stove (fietsfornuis) if we had not visited a friends store last night.  Our family friend, Willemijn de Wit, works at a concept store in the center of Eindhoven.  The store, YOU ARE HERE, is one of many stores to host designers from Dutch Design Week.  It's a store worth visiting, for those of you in the area.  The store is not just about clothing, it's much more.  Here's a photo of the store so you'll recognize it the next time you're shopping in town.

For those of you not living in The Netherlands you can visit them online :  They'll be getting a webshop soon!


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