Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Queen's Day

Well, my favorite Dutch holiday has come and gone, Queen's Day (aka Koninginnedag).  And like so many times in the past it didn't let me down!  I wish I could post more photos from the day but I don't think my friends want their drunken faces plastered online, so all I can say is I'm glad we had a babysitter because I didn't make it past 7PM!!!  (I apologize to the bbq guests.)  I can give you a glimpse of what Queen's Day entails and a bit of what I saw. 

There are the markets, it's the only time you are allowed to sell items on the street without a license or paying/claiming taxes.  

There are the bands.  All over town there are stages setup where bands and dj's can perform.  Everywhere you turn there is music and dancing. 

There are hundreds of people dressed in orange (the national colors are red, white, & blue, but thanks to Willem van Oranje we get to don bright orange at most holidays/events.) 
There's the alcohol of course.  Oh, did we really need the vodka red bulls on top of the beer and champagne? 
And there's the food.  Luckily we didn't have to settle for a snack bar (aka friettent) because we had a bbq after enjoying the beautiful weather and events in the center of the city. 
We've celebrated Queen's Day in Amsterdam, Best, Eindhoven, & Utrecht each event was very different and each equally as fun.  And like most holidays the Dutch  make it a two day event, so if the day time events don't speak to you then there is always Queen's Day Night (April 29th).  By the way, happy birthday Mom, she always gets strange phone calls from where ever we have ended up on the 30th!

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  1. Queens Day looks like a whole lot of fun and the perfect holiday!