Monday, August 27, 2012

Stupid Scammers

Back in November I was almost scammed, I made sure to write a post about it to help other people avoid the same situation.  It was called the Scam.  Just because they know how to run a scam doesn't make them intelligent, the stupid scammers actually called me again today!!!  My caller i.d. registered a 0000000 number which I automatically found strange, but as soon as the woman started speaking I knew who it was.  She started out with her spiel about calling on behalf of Microsoft and that they were receiving errors from my computer.  I burst out laughing and said, "I know what this is, this is the Ammyy Scam, you've already called me, I'm not falling for this."  The woman hung up before I could say more, oh well, probably best.  Who knows, maybe you'll get the call this week!   

1 comment:

  1. They've called me two more times since this post, I'm starting get a little creeped out! :( Danica