Thursday, August 30, 2012

Water Parks

During our holiday we decided to try out one of the local indoor water parks (it was too hot to be outside).  I'm from Florida, I'm used to Wet 'n Wild, Typhoon Lagoon, & Adventure Island, which are some of the best water parks in the US.  These parks are hard to compete with!  I'm not really used to the concept of indoor water parks, prior to moving to the Netherlands I had never been to an indoor water park before.  To be fair, they do their best with little space.  We often go to the indoor pool inclusive slides here in Eindhoven, called the Tongelreep.  It also hosts many different pools for many different activities.  This time we decided to go to the Center Parcs, Kempervennen.  Who knew we had such a great place so near by, swimming, wake boarding, skiing, camping, hiking, playgrounds, animals, etc.!  I've heard of it, but just thought it was a camp site, it's way more. 
The indoor water park (Aqua Mundo) consisted of 3 big slides, 1 wave pool, a pool with an aquarium, & kiddie area.  For what we paid, it was worth it, and the kids had a great time.  I thought I had seen it all at the parks in Florida but Aqua Mundo has the "wildwaterbaan".  It's a slide that is broken up into multiple slides, just as you recover from one slide the next one starts, it was great!  Part of it is indoors and part outdoors.  Luckily my husband & I love water, so we didn't mind taking our toddler & 2 nieces around 20 times on the slide. 
I can't really explain the set up so I included pictures (no that's not us in the pics, I found them online).  Sure, we all walked away with bruises and a few close calls, but overall it was a fun day and I would definitely recommend it to others! 


  1. we went to the aqua mundo at centre parks het meerdal on thursday and my 2 year old absolutely loved it!! will try the kempervennen one next as its not too far from us and sounds fab! they also have a wildwaterbaan which my son thought was fantastic.

    1. Maybe next time we'll pop on over to "America" to check out Center Parcs there! :) Danica