Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dog Debate

The dog debate between my husband & I has gone on for years now... mostly because of me, if he had his way we would have bought a dog a long time ago.  I like dogs, I do, and I'm running out of excuses.  Before we had a child the responsibility seemed too big (I knew I would end up doing most of the work).  First & last walks seemed dreadful, plus I had a full time job and there would be no one home with the dog.  Now that I'm a full time mother, I'm up most days before 7AM and I decide my schedule (for the most part).  Like I said, I'm running out of excuses.  One excuse reason, the biggest one of all, I'm allergic to dogs, even a lot of the ones people claim to be hypo-allergenic.  But the look on my husbands face when he plays with a dog or hears me shoot the idea down again is starting to mess with my head.  Now he's involved our daughter, who is also a dog lover... he points out how much entertainment she would get, his childhood experiences with dogs, and the fact we're not ready for a 2nd child.  So, I started looking, just looking.  I pulled out all the stops, I explained hypo-allergenic pure-breed dogs cost a fortune here in the Netherlands, I said we'd probably have to skip a vacation this year, I stooped low enough to say it will be harder to sell our apartment if we have a dog, but nothing deterred him.  Between my allergies and the small amount of breeders here, the list of dogs was short.  I showed him a few pics, knowing if I choose A he'll choose B, and what did he do... he picked the only dog on the entire list that I liked!  Damn!  I then started contacting breeders, running the risk we could end up with a puppy within a couple months.  But I had no luck, almost a year has gone by since I started contacting breeders.  Part of me was content, there was no dog to rush home to before it peed everywhere and the endless costs of dog food and vet bills didn't exist.  But part of me started wanting a dog, ahh!  I wouldn't say my past experiences with dogs pushed me, it was more my imagination (and my husband of course).  Then the other day one of the breeders contacted me; she recently bred her Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and hopes to have puppies by August.  For those of you unfamiliar with this breed here are a couple pics I found, and kind of how I imagine it to be (puppy playing out back / having his own seat in the car) :

In the Netherlands, the breeders like to meet with you before agreeing to sell you a dog (might also be the same in The States).  So I spoke with her for a while, explaining our situation, listening to her explain the breed, and promising to set a date to drive up to meet her and her dogs.  After all was said and done my husband tells me he isn't sure if this is the dog he wants, WHAT!!!  No matter what I am going to force the three of us to take a 2hr round trip to go see the breeder.  You never know, I might be allergic, they might scare our daughter, or my husband might not like them at all... and the dog debate goes on.  (Just in case these pics didn't sell you, check out the last pic on an old post - Dog Sitting.  It's what sold me!)


  1. Oh my heavens! Those are really cute looking dogs!! I got my dog here in France two years ago, he's a pain in the petunia, but great company and I honestly can't imagine life without him now.
    Best of luck to you at your trip to the breeders! I hope it all works out ok and you get a furry addition to your family :)

  2. Hi Danica, those puppies are so adorable. We use to have an Akita named Sinchey and he died. Now we have a tiny poodle name Lole and my kids just love her to death. I don't like cleaning after her though. She likes to pee on the rug.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. Always nice to meet new people and I have met many wonderful people through blogging. I hope you don't mind I'm following your blog. Have a good weekend.

  3. Sara & Sela, thanks for dropping by my blog, I always enjoy the feedback, and I'll be sure to follow both of your blogs! Long live the Expat Blog community! :) Danica

  4. An American here has one of those dogs she brought with her from the USA- his name is Murphy and we dog-sat for her in December. Very smart breed but I have to say I'm partial to my non-breed goldendoodle dog. Here is her blog:
    Good luck on your dog-quest!

  5. The dog is absolutely cute!Dog debate is intersting blog.

  6. I just came across your blog, and I have to tell you my story. I hadnt had a dog since growing up with my parents. I had two cats that lived to 16 and 18 years. My new husband has always wanted a Wheaten. Eventually he convinced me to look into them. We got one from a breeder in October and let me tell you, he is the love of our lives!!! He is an amazingly sweet dog. Very playful and full of personality, but very gentle and loving. NO REGRETS!! You will wonder what you waited so long for! Best of luck to you and your search, but trust me, you will be quite happy with a Wheaten Terrier!!