Saturday, October 20, 2012

Free Fun

This past week was fall vacation for the kids attending Dutch schools.  Besides school being cancelled so were all other activities, like swimming lessons.  It didn't take long for our schedule to fill, leaving us with no free days to relax, but what toddler wants to relax.  As I have mentioned, again and again, I'm frugal, so 2 of the 5 days I managed to fill with free fun kid activities.  At the indoor sports center the city built an indoor play paradise for kids.  There were at least 10 bouncy houses, plenty of toys, and lots of kids for my toddler to play with.  We happen to own a small bouncy house but it's just not the same as a gymnasium full.  Adults & kids under 3 yrs old were allowed in free, we walked there (with the stroller of course - 80 min round-trip), and I brought lunch from home... in the end I only paid for a cup of coffee.  My kind of day, happy kid, fit mom, and little to no costs!  The city offers this indoor play paradise during most school vacations, so for those of you in the area it's worth checking into. 
The other activity was swimming at the large city pool inclusive fun slides, wave pools, and a small lazy river.  My daughter loves swimming, all parents like to brag but we might have an Olympic swimmer in the making!  Because we attend the public pool (one of the smaller ones in the complex) for toddler swimming lessons, during the school vacations we are allowed free entry to the big pool (as long as we go on the day class would have been).  So again... entry was free, the walk there free (1hr round trip), and we were home in time for lunch.  I spent a total of 50 cents and that was for the locker.  I'm always pleased to find free entertainment, especially in a world that has grown to be way too expensive!

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