Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This blog is not only about random things that anyone in the world might find appealing, it's also for people here in The Netherlands (expats & Dutch).  So when I find something interesting that might help out a fellow resident of The Netherlands, I like to spread the word.  If I haven't mentioned it enough, I am an avid online shopper I despise actually going to the store.  I can conveniently sit behind my computer in my pajamas, sipping on coffee, and shop.  And whether you want to believe it or not, shopping online can often work out to be cheaper than physically going to a store. 
My latest find, you ask... an online pet supply shop, called Zooplus.nl!  I was in need of dog food, but then I remembered the last time I went to the store and had to lug the 15kg (33 lb) bag out to the car while keeping close tabs on my toddler.  I figured there had to be an easier way, plus my toddler had just come down with chicken pox and my husband was in Finland on business.  Then it clicked, there must be a store online.  Knowing the amount I would have paid at the store for the food and the trimming scissors I wanted, I went in search of a comparable deal.  Not only did I find something comparable, I found something cheaper!!!  The dog food was about the same price, but delivery was free (if you spend more then 20), that meant someone else would carry the bag to my front door.  The scissors were 10 cheaper, and on you first order you get 10% off, so I tagged a few other things on to my order.  Like doggy diapers, which were also cheaper.  And the shampoo was about the same price but hey why not buy it while getting a 10% discount and free delivery.  In the end I spent about 5 more than I would have if I had gone to Jumper, and received twice as much without the hassle.  And besides the 1st time customer discount you can also sign up for a savings plan, you pay a few euros and then with every order you 3% off, it'll pay for itself quickly!  So again, thank you online stores!  For anyone who finds this beneficial, you might also be interested in one of my older posts about groceries online.


  1. Today I bought a book of poetry by David Whyte and a set of wooden building blocks online (no shipping!).

  2. Besides the websites I've mentioned throughout my blog, I also love Amazon. It's great for buying gifts for family in The States! :) Danica

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