Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pet Insurance

I'm definitely looking for feedback on this one... do you think getting insurance for your pet is worthwhile?  I think maybe, my husband thinks no, so I'm basically throwing all of this out there to convince myself and him that it is necessary. 

Pros :
-Maggie is purebred and runs a higher risk of diseases
-We live in busy downtown which can be dangerous for a dog
-She needs to get fixed, and they cover 1/2 the costs
-Checks up & meds are expensive
-She's only 8 months old, so it's not like if she develops something serious she's had a long life

Cons :
-Paying around 35 p/m but most likely not needing to use it
-If they pay 1/2 the spaying costs you have to use them for 5yrs
-They don't cover medicine for fleas which can cost around 30 a month
-We'll eventually move to a quieter neighborhood, lowering risks
-They cover the costs of a chip implant, but she already has one

I am big on health insurance, despite the fact I actually despise insurance companies.  We pay a lot for our little family but I at least know we get compensation for most of the health bills I turn in (and I turn them all in!)  I figure we take the precautions for the humans so why not the animal too?
Anyone have experience with Proteq (Dutch animal insurance)?


  1. We have a lot of insurance but no pet health insurance. Maybe when Redgie gets a little older we'll think about it but right now we pay all his vet bills out of pocket and they haven't been that much.

  2. If you haven't already, I definitely say go for it. I have had a number of pets over the years and their vet bills have been very expensive. Pet insurance won't cover everything, but with careful research and consider you'll be able to find pet insurance plans that work for you and your budget . You'll be happy knowing you're saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the future if your dog should get sick or injured.

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