Sunday, December 30, 2012

Worthy Wine

I'm a big fan of dry red wines, you'll almost never see me with a glass of blush or white wine.  This Christmas season my husband decided to surprise me with two bottles of lovely red wine.  Not the usual reasonably priced merlot I pick up at the grocery store, but bottles that cost more than I would ever fork out for wine.  I am happy to say I enjoyed each one to the last drop!  I am far from a wine connoisseur but I could definitely taste the difference between the two bottles, and if I had to choose again, I would go with the Amarone over the Château Preuillac any day.  I can not justly describe the wines to you, so I looked up the descriptions.  And since I couldn't find the right photos (Google let me down), I took my own!  Anyone else enjoy a worthy bottle of wine this holiday season?   
Amarone Villa Arvedi 2009 Valpolicella Bertani
Borrowed description :
Deep dark ruby with a violet rim. Notes of black and sour cherries, berries, spices and dried fruit. The palate is creamy with soft tannins and integrated oak. A lighter, fruitier and younger version of Bertani’s icon Amarone Classico.

Château Preuillac Cru Bourgeois 2006 Medoc
Borrowed description :
Classic, balanced wine with a twist of richness. The black currant flavors are almost jelly-like in their sweetness, although these flavors are well balanced with acidity and a firm layer of dry tannins.

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