Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bloggin' From TN #3

I'm not much of a reader, mainly because I'm a writer and that's where a lot of my free time goes. But about a year or so ago I bought my grandma a book through Amazon and it's occasionally crossed my mind, oddly enough. I often wondered if the characters were too young or if possibly the book interested me more than her, but it's a romance and that's the genre she avidly reads. Being that there isn't much to do here at night once the tot & grams have gone off to bed, I turned to this book. I miraculously finished the book in 2 days! The book caught my attention and even reminds me of some of the partially written light-hearted romances I have (or am) working on. This book, He's No Prince Charming, by LuAnn McLane is even a southern cowboy-cowgirl romance perfect for my stay here in Tennessee.
The 1st night I stayed up until 1am reading, woke up at 6am and read until everyone awoke, and then finished it off by 10pm! I had to find out more... maybe that's another reason I don't bother with books I can't stand putting them down. But once finished with the book disappointment set in, the story was over. No more hopes of what might or might not happen to Dakota & Trace's relationship, the book wrapped up neat enough that I know there will not be a sequel. I thought about re-reading it, but that would just be crazy, it was good but there wasn't anything I possibly could have missed. I even considered buying another one of LuAnn's books but when I return to my usual life it'll back to writing my own stories. But if there are any of you out there looking for an easy read that will make you chuckle and also want to hop in bed with your hubby, check out this book!

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  1. Ended up emailing the author to compliment her, she was very nice and even replied to my message! :) Danica