Friday, March 29, 2013

Movie Time #4

Here's another quick movie review... it's actually been a while since I watched some of these movies but I wanted to send this portion of the list out since it's continually getting longer with each movie we watch!

The Campaign
This movie isn't going to win any awards but it's worth watching for the laughs.  I absolutely love Zach Galifianakis & Will Ferrell is also one of my all-time favorite comedic actors.  As usual Zach plays the underdog surrounded by people that just don't understand him.  You'll have to watch to see
if he beats out Will's character to win the campaign.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to watch this movie but it turned out to be quite good and I'll probably watch it again.  Chloe Moritz was good (she's always good), Blake Lively surprisingly not bad or too cheesy, and the story intriguing and keeps you hooked.  So much happens in this movie that you'd never wish upon anyone's child, a hard way to grow up fast.

Here Comes the Boom
What movie with Kevin James isn't funny?  I guess it takes a certain sense of humor to like this movie because of the MMA fighting.  I had no problem with the fight scenes or the intensity of the arenas but I did find it should have a higher rating than just PG, I sure would let my kid watch them bloody each other up.  But the idea of saving the music dept through MMA wins was meant well.

Taken 2
The movie was still watchable despite the fact it was way too similar to the first one.  They really didn't need to make a sequel but I guess the first one was so popular they didn't have a choice.  No matter what it's awesome that Liam Neeson has become an action hero in his 60's, when does that ever happen?  I like him in the action role, just would like to see him in a different film!

This is 40
The movie was o.k. and it was a funny idea to follow up Knocked Up but I probably wouldn't watch it again.  Sure there were some laughs, it wouldn't be good if there weren't ways you could make comparisons to your own life.  Love watching Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann back together again, they have great on screen chemistry, plus they're hilarious!  Glad the movie was about their characters.

10 Years
To be honest I was disappointed with this movie.  They had a great cast, a good story idea, and yet it was a let down.  Not really sure what they could have done to help, maybe the characters shouldn't have come across desperate or weak, but maybe that was the point. 10 yrs after high school isn't that long and a lot of people haven't found themselves yet.  I will not be watching it again though.

Hope you liked my quick movie reviews and there will be more in the future.  (And if you liked these check out my last movie review post!)

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