Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Displays

Even if the weather doesn't feel like spring at least the stores remind us!  The florist, Bergflora, across the street from our apartment always has great window displays.  Along with unique vases, pots, plants, flowers, & gifts, they go above and beyond just the generalization of florist.  As soon as spring rolled around they changed the displays in the two large store windows.  There are neon green sheep and endless colorful eggs.  And besides these eye catchers they've also added the cutest display of owls & chickens.  Something about these little decorations made me want to stop and take a picture, so while out on one of many dog walks I was sure to get a picture for you (and me).  Just something to perk up your day and remind you it's spring!  The little owls are so cute I might just have to stop in and see how much they cost! 
(Please excuse the reflection and the fact my hands/phone are photo-bombing the pics, even a photo editor couldn't help these shots, but I tried!  It's not easy taking pics when your dog is trying to jump on everyone that passes!)