Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

Not sure how many Simpson's fans I have reading my blog, but maybe since the show has been on for over 20 years you've possibly still heard of the Crazy Cat Lady.  I am far from the Crazy Cat Lady, I'm not middle-aged, I don't live alone, and I'm not addicted to cats, but that didn't stop me from earning the title years ago.  At one point prior to my tot coming along, I was easily feeding 11-12 stray cats on a daily basis.  I'm not really sure what happened first, feeling sorry for the cats when winter hit or seeing stray kittens.  Needless to say, it was like the chicken vs the egg, it was an endless cycle.  As soon as some cats would disappear another would get pregnant, and on and on it went.  When you're just tossing out leftovers you don't think much about it.  But eventually, I found myself spending our hard earn money on stray cats.  I would buy canned food and even bought a basket for them to sleep in and put their babies.  I was giving up towels so they would stay warm.  It was going too far.  When my husband mentioned this little problem of mine to some friends, they immediately thought of the Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpson's and all this time later I have not yet been able to shed the nickname.  I stopped feeding the cats when I was pregnant, I didn't want to risk my baby being exposed to strays.  I knew if the food supply stopped they would disappear, unfortunately the neighbors didn't get the memo.  In the past 3-4 years the cats have stopped lurking around our back door and all of the familiar faces are now gone.  Getting a dog really helped, ha-ha!  But now I'm afraid I'm about to earn a new title Crazy Dog Lady.  Sure, I take my dog on walks, it's part of being a good owner.  But there are often times I can't just leave the house, for instance when my tot's asleep.  Luckily in our parking lot there are a few patches of dirt and plants (this really helped with potty training the dog in the city).  One particular tree and patch of dirt has become my dog's back-up toilet.  This patch is off to the side and only us and our next door neighbors even pass it.  But that doesn't mean you can't clearly see us from the parking lot.  I'm a stay-at-home mom, I often wear pajamas, it's cold in The Netherlands, so I often wear jackets, there are times of the day I have on no make-up and my hair tossed into a ponytail, and yes, there are plenty of times I let my dog out looking like this.  So for some neighbors they never seeing me looking acceptable, they see me in mismatched pajamas covered in a beat up ski jacket, oh yea, not winning any fashion awards!  And then for those who don't see me, hear me.  The patch of grass/dirt is located under let's say 20 bedroom windows, so every time my dog has diarrhea in the rain or snow, or when I'm freezing waiting for her to decide on just the right place too pee, or when she refuses to get in the patch of dirt and protests in the parking lot, they all get to hear my choice words.  So I guess, for those neighbors who don't know I'm actually a fairly normal person, I am officially the Crazy Dog Lady.

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