Monday, April 29, 2013

My Clarks

The very first post on my blog was about My Crocs, and it is seeming that once a year I some how bring up shoes again.  You all even helped me decide which shoes to buy last year heading into the fall season.  So I guess it's time for another shoe post, this one is about My Clarks.  I'm sure you've all heard of the brand, they make shoes for men & women.  Even my husband was hooked on the Clarks slip-on dress shoes for years.  Since he seemed so happy with them (and seeing my mother-in-laws reaction when she saw the Clarks store here in town) I knew I had to give them a shot.  I'm not exactly sure when I bought my ankle boots maybe a year or two ago, and unfortunately it's starting to show.  I remember when I saw them on sale, they were marked down from over 100 euros to something I could actually bring myself to spend on shoes.  But yet I still left them sitting there in the box on the rack for someone else to snatch up.  The shoes played on my mind though, which is very unusual for me.  Sure I own way too many shoes, but I don't collect them or obsess about them like some women.  So when I kept thinking about these shoes, I knew I just had to go back and buy them.  They were my first pair of ankle boots and to be honest I had no idea how to wear them.  I probably still do them injustice, just like the photos I took.  Because I lacked proper skinny jeans in my wardrobe I could only wear them with tights but since then I've made a few adjustments (yes, I gave into the skinny jean trend - not so much a trend here as a staple).  One thing I liked so much about the boots were the different materials and textures, they were unique.  But now that they're showing their age it's time to start considering buying another pair (or at least cleaning these in the meantime)!  For all of the events I've worn these boots to only once have they hurt my feet.  A couple weekends ago, on a night out, I put them to the test, roughly 2.5 miles of walking plus 3 hours of standing.  Needless to say (since I almost always wear flats) I had a blister on the bottom of my foot by the end of the night.  My husband will never understand a woman's vanity, but I found the blister to be worth it!  Do any of you have a favorite pair of ankle boots or brand?


  1. I like them. I have not given in to the skinny jean trend. I am all of five feet tall, and bootleg, makes me look taller, skinny jeans, just make me look like I'm short and have a big butt.

    Great shoes though, and I have a nice pair of black slip on shoes that can be worn dressed up, or down. I love those shoes, shoes like that are a must.

    Anyway, new follower on BlogLovin and I'd love for you to stop by and check my blog out sometime.

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  2. Nice looking boots. I have many pairs of boots but don't really have a favorite pair that I can still wear. I have a pair from like 25 years ago that I refuse to let go of. They are gray cowboy boots that I wore before having my children. My feet outgrew the boots and although they just sit there taking up room in my closet I can't bring myself to get rid of them.
    My favorite footwear now is my Birkenstock sandals.

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